Top fashion Straight Outta Turkmenistan Vintage Distressed Shirt

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Straight Outta Turkmenistan Vintage Distressed Shirt

Straight Outta Turkmenistan Vintage Distressed Shirt
Straight Outta Turkmenistan Vintage Distressed Shirt

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This is a vintage shirt that is distressed with a cool Turkmenistan flag printed on the front. You can buy one now from the Store!This article is about the Turkish Vintage Distressed Shirt. This shirt that has Turkish Arrow-head Pattern Design in Mixed Faded Red and Black Color.The Turkmenistan Vintage Distressed Shirts have a beautiful Turkmen design emblem sewn onto the collar and chest area in Gold and Silver Colors with inner Collar Lining Embroidery of Silver to Give Special Look and Style in the Clothing.

Surprised with the design of

Surprised by the design on this Straight Outta Turkmenistan Vintage Distressed. It’s a perfect addition to any wardrobe.This shirt was designed by independent artist Mr. Fabler and has vintage and distressed look that is a pleasant sight but enough to make those who like to keep their style very clean second guess about wearing it.


Please buy gift Straight Outta Turkmenistan Vintage Distressed Shirt

Straight Outta Turkmenistan Vintage Distressed Shirt
Straight Outta Turkmenistan Vintage Distressed Shirt

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This vintage distressed print shirt is made right in TurkmenistanThis is the most emotional and personal story I come across. We need to stop blaming Mula is our way of life: Print on Demand has created the opportunity for skilled Afghanis to share their culture with the world unthreatened. Kuyash Kakshut, Print on Demand Producer, who created this shirt states that not only do artwork bring “national day reminders but also a piece of our country over [here].” Keep on living to assert your individuality through art. Peace and love will prevail.

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Beautiful Straight Outta Turkmenistan Vintage Distressed Shirt

Image Text: At the turn of the new millennium all eyes are on Turkmenistan, as its transformation from a backwater Soviet republic to an independent country continues. “This frayed 100-percent cotton shirt offers a deconstructed distressed print with an ode to fashion’s tradition,” – is among Catch Turkmenistan’s many quotes, but this type of clothing has had centuries of international influence behind its design. The USSR and Turkish culture led to these now-dated styles, but they are still recognized as fashionable in markets everywhere and coexist harmoniously in things created decades apart.Any apparel entrepreneur or fashion forward individual knows that one look or trend can dominate a wardrobe for years. This T-shirt trend stresses versatility, flirting with all moods and occasions.

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Limited Edition! Straight Outta Turkmenistan Vintage Distressed Shirt

Straight Outta Turkmenistan Vintage Distressed Shirt
Straight Outta Turkmenistan Vintage Distressed Shirt

This tee shirt was made in Turkmenistan in the late 1800’s. It features a distressed “Straight outta Turkmenistan” at the chest area perfect for anyone with a love for vintage exploration, as well as history.This section aims to do 5 things, namely: 1) Introduce and reveal that this tee shirt is from Turkmenistan in the 1800s 2) Inform more about these limited edition Tee shirts3) Give people who like vintage wear a glimpse of what this shirt is all about 4) Educate those who want to know more about history of different regions around the world at their chest 5) Appear more attractive and striking!


Great Artwork!

Glad to hear that Turkmenistan has finally discovered the vintage and distressed look!The apparel market is one of the most promising industries for new crafts people looking for a way of expressing their creativity–and skilled Turkmenabad textile artisans are finding inspiration in American, Ukrainian and Russian vernacular dress from more than a century ago.Green Tara Millinery sells women’s headwear rendered in embroidered silk with hand-turned Dresden wire models that evoke rural Iowa or Southern Michigan at the turn of the twentieth century.

Surprised with the design of

Traditionally, designers of fashion shops modify and ameliorate the form or the look of their products according to customers’ advancements in their clothes tastes, preferences and sizes.The clothes that were manufactured in Turkey were sewn using a quality, high-end rayon material, which echoes the required texture. The clothes obtained an indigo color tone as they were dyed with natural dyes in Turkey under conservative procedures to maintain garment authenticity.The embroidery and handmade detail is applied by designers like so many other luxury labels today. Designer made dies produce an intricate effect that takes hours to complete resting on tight overlock stitching typical of high-end production destined for a select audience.This is the design of Straight Outta Turkmenistan Vintage Distressed Shirt that amazed its audience. However, the article doesn’t discuss why is it appealing to people.Featuring a vintage look, this distressed shirt has raised interest among the audience for its intriguing way of portraying nature as well as animals. The vivid designing and textured work makes also a beautiful feather specifically for women and many believe that it’s written under or around the neck in muted and cool colors on charcoal buttons or plucking the picture out of pre-packaged paints.Moreover, the owner of this company uses digital printing to make high quality textiles with richness not available with lesser skills. On digital textile printing machines like ZED and Heidelberg GTO presses before any touch ups, they can go ahead

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Old shirts from the bazaar that I’ve picked up, recalledalong with new fabric, raised seams and iron-stitched cuffsgiving an appearance of gnarled ripeness to the cloth and confining it against my chest before ripping the shirt with a right left right lacerating my heart. This is an intriguing shirt which embodies time, it talks about nostalgia. Since we can’t go back in time to collect these shirts ourselves, I envision that traditional menswear will go through a resurgence as there will be some authenticity missing in something like this although this thing is engineered to look old. However, considering how well machine-made fabric has been able reconstructs for the sake of business trend culture (bloggers are doing these mega trends) – I

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