Top Ten Strengths of Workplace Re-Entry Women

Top Ten Strengths of Workplace Re-Entry Women

Women returning to the labor frequently undervalue themselves, partially due to society’s belief that if you’re not working, you’re “doing nothing.”

The second side of this equation is that after a few years of mostly dealing with children and household responsibilities, many women’s self-esteem and self-confidence in what they have to give in the workplace is low.

A woman returning to work, on the other hand, carries with her incredibly valuable abilities and traits, as any shrewd employer understands.

Here’s a list of the top 10 gifts, blessings, and talents that Office Reentry Women offer to the workplace, whether they realize it or not!

1. Multi-tasking:

Any woman who manages a house and family must be able to do at least 16 tasks at once!

Take note the next time you see a young mother in the grocery store with a couple of little children of how many chores she is juggling. This is a talent and a half that is extremely valuable in the real world.

And that’s before she gets to the checkout, where neither child wants to wait, and then back out to the car with everything and everyone.

2. Problem Solver, Handling Emergencies, Troubleshooting:

To little individuals, minor issues appear to be major issues! Mum has to deal with a never-ending stream of ’emergencies,’ as well as some genuine ones, such as how to get the peanut and jelly sandwich out of the VCR (or, even worse, the DVD player!)

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the challenges that an at-home mother faces.

3. Manager, Initiative, Self Directed:

She is in charge of the family, the home, the meals, and everything else. She has no instructions, no training, and no one to whom she may turn for help (unless her own mum)

4. Organized, Inventory Control:

What happened to it? How much will we require? Her work also entails keeping track of anything and anything. How are we going to get Jason to softball and Janet to ballet at the same time on different sides of town?

5. Creative, Innovative, Lifelong Learner:

Finding new methods to do things that haven’t been done before (to use a Star Trek term!) This has to be done, but how are we going to go about doing it? You learn it, develop it, and invent it if there’s something you don’t know but need to know.

6. Money Management, Budgeting:

Whether wealthy or ‘financially challenged,’ money must be handled and budgets must be adhered to. Budgeting is always a component of the work, whether it’s for the weekly food bill or whether to buy a luxury clothing.

7. Reliability , Stable, Sense Of Responsibility:

Kids have complete faith in their mother and rely on her to be there when she says she will and to take care of their needs. When a woman has a family to care for, even the most untrustworthy of women becomes far more responsible.

8. Event Organization:

Those get-togethers. Mum is in responsible of organizing, making it fun, and having everything set and put together for birthday parties, Christmas parties, picnics, and even vacations.

9. Mediator, Interpersonal Skills:

Kids squabble! Mum needs to restore order, make concessions, and do all of this while dealing with an uninformed audience that just wants what they want.

10. Coach, Mentor, Teacher:

Mothers educate through instructing, assisting, and modeling the desired behavior. Mothers can teach it to those who don’t want to learn it and make it a habit. That’s quite a talent!

Parents teach their children more than school – albeit on different topics most of the time. The importance of a mother’s job as a teacher should never be underestimated.

So those are the top 10 abilities. All of these skills are immediately transferrable to the job. There are plenty others. But this is only a small sample of the excellent things a workplace reintegration woman brings back to work.

Don’t feel as if you have nothing to contribute; instead, enjoy and share your amazing qualities and abilities with the world.

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Contents1. Multi-tasking:2. Problem Solver, Handling Emergencies, Troubleshooting:3. Manager, Initiative, Self Directed:4. Organized, Inventory Control:5. Creative, Innovative, Lifelong Learner:6. Money Management, Budgeting:7. Reliability , Stable, Sense Of Responsibility:8. Event Organization:9. Mediator, Interpersonal Skills:10. Coach, Mentor, Teacher: Women returning to the labor frequently undervalue themselves, partially due to society’s belief that if you’re not working, you’re “doing…

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